ProSoft Saltless Water Softener & Conditioner

By ProOne

Protect your home’s plumbing from the adverse effects of scale buildup and prolong its life and performance with the new ProSoft Saltless Water Softener/Conditioner System from ProOne. A revolutionary concept in scale prevention designed to work in conjunction with the ProHome water filtration system, the ProSoft is an excellent saltless alternative to conventional ion exchange based water softeners, reverse osmosis systems or salt/chemical-based systems.

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly water softening systems without the use of salt actually do exist – there’s no need to lug heavy bags of salt around! ProHome ProSoft salt free systems are designed to help condition water and prevent scaling by neutralizing magnesium and calcium rather than removing it. The neutralizing process converts magnesium and calcium into micro-crystals that allows these beneficial minerals to pass through your pipes and household water outlet appliances without sticking to them.

Why do I need a softener/conditioner?
High levels of calcium and magnesium in hard water prevent soap from rinsing away properly, leaving behind unpleasant layers of residue that can accumulate. Furthermore, widespread use of pesticides and fertilizer nitrates sharply increase the risk of contamination in private wells. Traditional water softeners will not remedy this situation, as their purpose is only to soften the water. To complicate matters, ordinary carbon filters won’t remove some of the more dangerous toxins that could be present. 

Why buy a ProSoft Saltless Softener & Conditioner?
Hard water contains a high mineral content consisting of dissolved compounds of mostly calcium and magnesium, called scale. An example of scale is a white cloudy coating often found on the surface of dishes and glassware. Hard water, or hardness, typically prevents soap from lathering and can cause a buildup of scale in pipes, water outlet appliances, and fixtures (such as water heaters, washing machines, and dishwashers), and affect their performance. Minerals from hard water can have a harsh effect on skin and hair when compared to the impacts of soft water. 

Here are the advantages of the new ProSoft salt free water softener system from ProOne:

 -NO salt or harsh chemicals required
-NO backwashing required
-Good up to 100,000 gallons per year*
-Virtually maintenance-free
-Does not affect TDS or pH
-NO chemicals discharged into the environment
-NO electricity required
-NO control valve required
-Easy to refill tank
-Compact size 7” x 17”
-3/4″ inlet & outlet port size
-Easy to install
-Flow rated at 7 gpm
-Includes (2) 3/4″ push-fit connectors

* Based on water hardness up to 11 grains