Family-Owned in Tennessee

Nice to meet you!

We are Chad & Jess, the husband and wife team behind Live Well Franklin. Thank you for letting us be a part of your health journey! We hope that our little shop is an encouragement and blessing to you as we celebrate the joy of health together.

We recently became the new owners of Live Well Franklin and are proud to partner with YOU in guiding this amazing store and community into a new chapter.

How did we get here? The short version:

Every experience in our lives, from chronic health journeys and mystery illness to professional sports and commercial photography, led us to this opportunity and equipped us to grow Live Well Franklin into a thriving resource of complete health and well-being. We have many exciting things in store, join us on this journey as we explore what it means to LIVE WELL!

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Let's Thrive Together

We are your ally in health.

Live Well Franklin empowers you to live your best life through practitioner-grade supplements, quality information and products that inspire joy in the home.

Originally founded in 2017 as Franklin Family Pharmacy, the store rebranded as Live Well Franklin in 2021. Now under new ownership, we are excited to be your partner in health by offering the highest quality natural health products and home goods that inspire peace and contentment.

We get it, health journeys can be complex. However, we hope to be a source of relief and calm in your pursuit of abundant life. As we continue to grow, Live Well Franklin will be featuring consistent and current information that empowers your health journey and keeps you focused on the eternal perspective as you navigate modern life.

Practitioner-grade supplements

We only offer brands that we would be proud to give our own families. In fact, Live Well Franklin exists because of the health triumphs we personally have enjoyed after years of medical adversity. We believe in the products we sell and in everyone's right to control their own health.

The ease of shipping practitioner-grade supplements directly to your home is the foundation of our business and even as we continue to expand our product line you can rest assured that these high standards will continue to guide our operations.

Home Tech and Health Aids

In the very near future we will be selling small appliances and other home tech that help you breathe cleaner air, drink healthier water and mitigate your EMF exposure.

Thriving, abundant health is something that any person can enjoy and we are excited to carry more than just supplements so that your environment contributes to your health success.

Home goods that inspire peace, calm and joy

Your home is your sanctuary and the things that you choose to display directly enhance your mood and reflect your well-being.

Live Well Franklin will be offering hand-picked home goods that beautify your walls and lift your spirits.

Content that perpetuates wisdom and eternal truth

We've heard it said that "We live in a time when knowledge is increasingly cheap and wisdom is increasingly expensive."

Instead of adding to the growing sea of information that simply competes for your attention, we create thoughtful content that equips you to navigate the complexites of our modern life.

Thank you, Friends! We can't wait to connect!

whatever is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, commendable, excellent, worthy of praise...dwell on such things.