Vitamins & Supplements

Practitioner-grade supplements from the most trusted brands.

Bath & Body

Non-toxic and natural soap, lotion, sunscreen, insect repellant and personal products.

Household Cleaning

Non-toxic, eco-friendly household cleaning products that are tough on viruses, bacteria.

Water Filtration

The best NSF-certified water filtration technology including whole-home systems, gravity filters and under-sink solutions.

Air Purification

Love the air you breathe with our state-of-the-art air purifiers that feature industry-leading technology and proven lab results.

Art Prints

Browse the 'Golden Light Series' and see why so many people say that these images give their soul a sense of peace, joy and calm.

Only the best brands

We curate our product lineup very carefully and only offer brands that you will find in our own home. From supplements and bath & body to air purification and water filtration, Live Well Franklin is deliberate and intentional about what we carry. Questions? Email us.

The cleanest drinking water

Water filtration for the entire house or just the kitchen.

NSF certified water filtration systems that remove flouride, lead, pesticides, chemicals, toxins, chlorine and more. ProOne is our favoritie whole-house water filtration system which is why we were customers before we were dealers.

Breathe easy

The absolute best air purifiers you can buy right now

Intellipure's award-winning DFS technology removes 99.97% of harmful ultrafine particles more than 40x smaller than HEPA (0.007 microns) after just two air changes. Available in multiple sizes for bedroom, living room, kitchen and even commercial spaces.

Clean with confidence

Non-toxic household cleaners

Reduce your toxic load by removing harsh chemicals from your cabinets and replacing them with natural cleaning products that are not only safe but even more effective than their conventional counterparts.