ProSip Water Filter Straw

By ProOne

Whether you’re an outdoor weekend warrior hiker, dedicated camper, prepper or survivalist, the importance of access to safe, clean drinking water is second to none. With the ProSip Water Filter Straw, you can have access to clean water wherever you go!

Skip the bags, tubes and lengthy wait times when you’re thirsty in the Great Outdoors – all you need for clean, fresh drinking water right away is a ProSip straw from ProOne. Draw the water into the BPA-free plastic tube from your chosen water source as you would if you were drinking regularly, then let the water sit in the straw to activate the filtering function. The ProSip’s quick-cleaning process filters the water within a minute, so you can quench your thirst and keep the adventure going.

The ProSip Water Filter Straw is designed with ProOne ECORE Water Purification Technology to filter out potentially dangerous contaminants and heavy metals from your water source. The slim water purifier ensures you aren’t taking any risks with contaminated water. It removes more than 99.999% of Lead, Chlorine, Mercury, Aluminum, Arsenic, Hydrogen Sulphide, Cadmium, Barium, Fluoride, Giardia, E.Coli, algae, fungus, scale and sediment. 

When camping, backpacking, or hiking, space and weight are major packing considerations. The lightweight ProSip is the ideal portable water filter, eliminating the need for additional bulky hydration bladders, water bottles or hand pump filters. The ProSip water filter straw is the ultimate survival tool that removes bacteria and more without the residual taste left behind by chemical treatment tablets. The ProSip’s ultralight and durable design can fit easily into your camping gear or survival bag, and provides valuable peace of mind in almost any scenario, from camping trips to natural disasters.

Each ProSip straw portable filter lasts 4–6 months, with regular daily use of 5 oz.–8 oz. of water.

-Featuring New ProOne® ECORE Water Purification Technology
-Removes/reduces: Chlorine, Lead, Mercury, Aluminum, Hydrogen Sulphide, Arsenic, Cadmium, Barium, Fluoride, Giardia, E.Coli, algae, fungus, scale and sediment.
-Anti-bacterial filter media.
-Good for 5-8oz. glasses daily up to 4-6 months
-BPA free drinking straw filter
-8″ length with mouthpiece
Now you can take a ProOne® where ever you go with the portable ProSip water filter straw